You let me change lanes while I was driving in my car

Things that made my day:

One: Getting a road trip mix CD in the mail from Baji, who’s over there in DC, all the way across the country. I swear I don’t recognize half these artist names, but that doesn’t mean I’m enjoying the CD any less. After all, I blasted it all the way to the local grocery store and back, didn’t I? (Total trip time required, one way: 4 minutes exactly.) Don’t worry, I’ll be putting it to good use tomorrow morning as we make our way up north to visit the crazy-awesome college people I’ve been missing. Did I mention she included a handwritten note, and that the CD is autographed along with an order to Rock on, Rockstar! Blogistan is such a beautiful thing. Baji: Thank you again!

Two: Discovering this evening that the daddy-o filled up my gas tank when he borrowed my car yesterday morning. (I haven’t even driven my car anywhere in two days. Clearly, all I’ve been doing is sitting around the house and sleeping my life away.) But – I HAVE A WHOLE ENTIRE FULL TANK OF GAS! Yes!

Three: Running into my spiky-orange-haired brother at the grocery store. Did I ever mention that he gives really nice (bone-crushing) bear hugs? He’s auditioning for a play tomorrow evening, so keep your fingers crossed and send some prayers and/or good vibes his way. Much appreciated.

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