to get me through the day Conversations I had w…

to get me through the day

Conversations I had while sitting in a downtown Sacramento lobby, waiting to be interviewed:

She: How old are you?

Me: 23.

She: Are you SERIOUS? I thought you were way younger!

Me: *grinning* Thank you.

Persian guy: Are you Persian?

Me: No. Why, do I look Persian?

He: *throws up his hands in confusion, laughing* I don’t know. I just thought I’d ask.

Let’s not even talk about the two guys who did a oh-so-NOT-slick job of checking me out every time they walked by. Put it this way: If I, the oblivious child extraordinaire, manage to notice, then you’re being way too obvious. Good lord. Move along now. Nothing to see here, buddy.

But let’s talk about the friend who UPS’ed me this print. You are the rockingest rockstar in the whole wide world, no question about it. Thank you so much! It’s perfect. And here I was all afraid the UPS man was going to deliver a wad of cash to my front door. Just checking, ya know.

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