polly wanna peptide? So, check this, peoples – …

polly wanna peptide?

So, check this, peoples – I’ve passed my first biology exam since high school! I’m still confused about the proton-motive force and I kind of b.s.’ed my way through the definition of feedback inhibition, but don’t worry, my friends – I spelled substrate-level phosphorylation perfectly. Thank you, thank you. There is indeed hope for me yet, because perfect spelling has got to be worth something. Would you believe me if I told you that I even wasted a few minutes correcting the professor’s spelling/grammatical mistakes on the exam packet, since I’m obsessive-compulsive like that?

Note that I said I “passed” the exam, not that I aced it. Still, this is huge news, peoples, because I’m just not a science person, and this is the first bio class I’ve taken in three years. I’ve been paid to tutor calculus to freshman students for two years, actually enjoyed calculating acid/base titrations for chemistry classes, and had fun taking my b.s. skills to whole new heights in the physics series. But those freshman-year bio classes just turned me away from the idea of being pre-med. Still, when I tried using my “I’m not a science person” line on Somayya the other day, she retorted, “Yes, you are, Yazzo. You’re just lazy, that’s all.” It’s great having friends who tell it like it is.

Special thanks to Najm for reminding me to magnet my exam to the refrigerator door, and to Chai (med student extraordinaire) for acknowledging that bio makes one humble oneself (“I mean, you feel really accomplished, once you pass one of those suckers.” Heck yeah, you said it, woman).

I still hate analyzing amino acid structures though. And who even cares about covalent bonds anyway?

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