just a few of the things that made me smile over t…

just a few of the things that made me smile over the past 2 days, yesterday’s self-pitying post notwithstanding

My friend H finally finishing, printing, photocopying, submitting his 20-page lab neurobiology lab report. Now you see why I don’t have the discipline to be pre-med anymore.

H pulling his last dollar out of his wallet, to give to me. No, of course I didn’t accept it.

This sentence from the reading for my philosophy class:

“According to operationalism, the meaning of a term in science is given by specifying the set of measurement operations which we use to determine the application of the term.”

Whaaat? When you haven’t slept for two days, such sentences are far too mind-boggling to make sense.

My last-minute decision to take BART to Berkeley, instead of driving and most likely getting stuck in traffic halfway.

The little baby who expressionlessly stared right through my smiles and funny faces, but who then firmly grasped my sweater and refused to let go just when I needed to get off BART in Oakland and transfer to the downtown Berkeley train.

Praying in congregation with the Cal Muslim Students Association.

The hilarious, hyperactive Cal MSA, whose every statement is an inside joke but you have to laugh along anyway, simply because they’re all just so damn funny.

People remembering my name even though I’ve only met them once. And even though I’ve since forgotten their names.

Blue fuzzy socks. And my rainbow-striped toe socks, too.

(Not) playing literati with Chai, over at Yahoo! games.

Losing in literati by almost 300 points. Yes, I know, I suck at literati. Also, the winner’s definition of FOBs as “fully operational betis.” No, I don’t know what that means either.

This VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION from Somayya: “Will you marry me?”

The carton of dark chocolate ice cream in the freezer.

Chai relating the contents of her ’80s-music playlist. Me trying to remember what ’80s songs I really like, thus prompting this open shot from Chai: “What do you mean ‘the ones you really like.’ You have to like all of them!” We have also established that I don’t listen often enough to ’80s music in general and Michael Jackson in particular, and that I am therefore “not a complete person.”

Seher telling me she will be back home on Tuesday. YES, my favorite Bay Area-er and connoisseur of great places to eat finally returns from the East Coast!

And –

*drumroll, please*

– fourteen hours of sleep.

“Is that even possible?!” says a friend, shocked.

What kinda question is that. If you’re Yasmine, then yes, of course it is.

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