join the club Two flyers I noticed the other da…

join the club

Two flyers I noticed the other day while taking a psychology midterm I most likely failed but that’s okay:


– and –

“All the COOL guys have beards.


In a seeming reference to the Campus Crusade for Christ (a student organization on our university campus), the bottom of each flyer states:

“Brought to you by the Beard Liberation Front.

(Which, of course, has nothing to do with the Campus Crusade for Chaos & Confusion, nope, nope, no connection whatsoever.)”

I’ve been having mentally slow days lately, so the irony is all lost on me and I can’t tell whether the Campus Crusade (while being coy and protesting a bit too much) actually did design the flyers, or whether some other group posted them in a deliberate dig at the Crusade. Why would the Campus Crusade be talking about beards anyway? Then again, the prophet Jesus (peace and blessings of God be upon him) is commonly depicted by non-Muslims as bearded.

But whatever. All I know is that the Muslim Students Association couldn’t have come up with the flyers, because, quite frankly, my MSA just isn’t that funny, and they’re a bit too prim and proper to be engaging in such bizarre, comical antics. But it’s okay, my MSA is cool for the most part, kinda sorta sometimes. Now the MSA at UC Berkeley, on the other hand… I can just see them doing something like this. Huh, Bean? You know it.

But I go to school with weird people, too. Who woulda thought.

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