My favorite geranium man

Daddy-o: Yasminay, you want to see a rainbow?
Yasmine: Sure. Where’s it at?
Daddy-o: Look in that direction, over by that tree. ::sprays the hose so that the water catches the sunlight:: Do you see it??
Yasmine: aww, that’s beautiful, Daddy. Thank you.
Daddy-o: You’re very welcome. ::sniffs:: Why do you smell like cigarettes?
Yasmine: Uhh, I was smoking it up while you all were busy gardening out here.
Daddy-o: ::narrows his eyes, whether as a threat or in confusion, I don’t know::
Yasmine: ::hastily backtracks:: Just kidding. Actually, I left the English muffins in the toaster for too long. As in, way, way too long.

Yasmine: I can’t believe you two have been married for thirty years.
Daddy-o: It’s because your mother makes better coffee than anyone.
Yasmine: Mm-hmm. I think Ummy married you just ’cause you plant pretty flowers.
Daddy-o: Oh, of course. And I plant them all for her, you know.

Daddy-o: ::waves a snail back-and-forth in front of my face:: Ooooooh…
Yasmine: Uh, Daddy, I’m not the screaming kind, you know.
Daddy-o: ::visibly disappointed:: You think maybe it’ll work on [the sister] instead?
Yasmine: Hey, it’s always worth a try.

Daddy-o: I think your mother and I should move back to Vancouver when I retire. We’ll live there for a while, and then move back to the village.
Yasmine: Oh yeah? Sounds like a pretty good plan to me.
Daddy-o: Yasminay, you guys should look into getting Canadian citizenship again.
Yasmine: Yeah, I checked it out last summer, but then I got all confused and let it go.
Daddy-o: Americans are so stuffy. Not the people – the people are wonderful – but the government. Canada is more progressive and multicultural.
Yasmine: Mm-hmm.
Daddy-o: And, plus, Canada has a prettier flag. With a maple leaf. Get it? Leaves? Gardening?
Yasmine: Ohh, Daddy.

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