i swear like i’ve got hella extra time on my hands…

i swear like i’ve got hella extra time on my hands

This is the coolest link ever. Or maybe I’m just really, really easily amused – a condition that is already well-established, since it has been previously documented on this weblog a bajillion times.

Thanks for the link, Zainab. And for forgiving me for being so terrible at staying in touch. :)

[p.s. That first sentence initially stated, “This is, like, the coolest link ever.” That’s because I was typing it out exactly as I would have said it in real life. Actually, I would really have said it as, “That’s like the coolest link ever.” Please note the use of a conjunction as well as the lack of commas – and, therefore, the lack of an implied pause – in the latter sentence. See how it flows all nice and smooth? And, yes, that sentence is grammatically incorrect, but that’s okay, because I’m very grammatically incorrect in real life, and who wants to be grammatically correct on a weblog all the time anyway? I mean, really.]

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