– only because SecretAgentMAN was already taken……

– only because SecretAgentMAN was already taken…

Beautiful and evocative poetry, hilariously insane ramblings

– “a wonderful, truly inspiring story” [via Ublog]

A Road Paved With Pledges and Pain

– darn east coast keeps tripping me up

Can You Pass the Third Grade?

– safe area america

Graphic novelist Joe Sacco goes back to Sarajevo with his powerful new book “The Fixer” — and talks about why the entire U.S. population should be tried for war crimes. [Click through a couple of random ads in order to get full access to the article. It’s well worth it.]

Do you see any contradiction in the fact that you want to be a part of America, you sell your books here, and yet you’re very critical of the American people?

I have a deep affection for this country, and in many ways living here and deciding to seek citizenship is my little way of taking some personal responsibility for how it acts. So I don’t see a contradiction at all. I see a duty.

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