[Flipping through my course notes the other day, I…

[Flipping through my course notes the other day, I came across a long, scribbled list of things to do, dated sometime in November. This, of course, is how I effectively occupy my time during psychology lectures. Some of these items I do already. Many of them I want to do more often. All of them are concrete do-able things, none of them difficult, or so I believe. Try them out yourself, too. Let me know how it goes. Here’s half of it.]

to-do list, part 1

– Smile at strangers. Watch their faces light up as they smile back.

– Buy a child a pack of crayons and a pad of construction paper. Spend an hour drawing or coloring with him/her.

– Color outside the lines. Autograph the drawing. Hang it proudly on the fridge.

Show people they are loved. [Courtesy of Abez, who wrote a beautiful post about this once.]

– Sit outside and watch the butterflies flitting around. Sit still and don’t flinch at the bees.

– Go to a public park and spend some time on the swings.

– Strike up more conversations with total strangers.

– Walk around outside barefoot.

– Write real letters. Don’t forget to mail them, too.

– Laugh too loudly. When people look over at you, laugh louder.

– Feed the ducks.

– Don’t comb your hair for a day (or two, or three). Don’t care.

– Sing songs from your childhood, loudly and off-key.

– Buy a meal for a stranger.

– Write a letter to God. [Courtesy of Javed, whose letter I borrowed here.]

– Talk less. Talk more. Whichever is applicable.

– Lie down on the grass and stare at the sky.

– Take the back-roads. Get lost. It’s okay.

– Blow air-kisses.

– Pay for the car behind yours at the tollbooth.

– Speak in a voice different from your normal one, all day. [Courtesy of Chai, whose actual advice was, “Walk around everywhere speaking with a voice that is unbefitting your body type.” Absolutely hilarious.]

– Tell yourself you are beautiful. Believe it.

– Invest in flip-flops. Toe socks optional.

– Call up a long-lost friend.

– Give someone the gift of your time and undivided attention.

– Crinkle your eyes when you smile. Make it look genuine, not as if you’re squinting.

– Buy more fuzzy socks.

– Pick flowers for special people.

– Open the door for someone.

– Go on road trips. Drive safely.

– Volunteer. For something. Anything.

[If you have any to add, share ’em in the comment box.]

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