multiple choice Felt like updating, but I’m maj…

multiple choice

Felt like updating, but I’m majorly exhausted, as evidenced by the fact that I made it to Taraweeh at the masjid for the first time in a week, and then kept dozing off while standing in prayer. Terrible, isn’t it?

I need lots of sleep, and you all could use some constructive breaks from my psycho randomness, I’m sure. So, speaking of masjids, Javed has put together a survey entitled “Muslim Women and the Mosque.” The survey’s pretty self-explanatory, but you could also check out his post here.

So, ladies: Take the survey.

Ladies and gentlemen alike: Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences on the matter, either in my comment box or Javed’s, or both. His is more reliable though, seriously.

I’d post some of my own observations on the subject, but all this yawning is hampering my attempts at coherent writing. My jaw’s about to pop, I swear. I’ll get to commenting about this tomorrow, insha’Allah.

Good night, y’all.

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