it’s been a long day coming and long will it last/when it’s last day leaving, and i’m helping it pass…

Tonight, I have here at my elbow:

– One canister of Pringles

– Two bottles of cranberry-apple-raspberry juice

– Five assorted candy bars

Now let’s see if that’ll be enough to get me through the night.

Tomorrow, I have a midterm exam and a paper due, both of which I forgot about ’til now, because I’m oh-so-smart like that. Also tomorrow: Lunch with Somayya, my partner in crime, which has been motivation enough to keep me going for the past week.

And my stomach hurts from laughing. Earlier this evening, standing around in the kitchen, the siblings and I went through a huge stack of childhood photos.

Some conversational highlights:

Sister: Look, there’s you right there.

Brother: No, that’s you.

Sister: No, that’s you!

Brother: Hey, look! Aps and I even had the same bangs!

[Aps=Apaji=oldest kid of the three=supposed role model=rebel child extraordinaire=me, myself, and I. Imagine that.]

Brother: Aww, look at me, singing my heart out!

Me: Uh, how come I don’t remember that?

Sister: Singing? That’s you onstage during your 4th grade spelling bee.

Upon viewing a photo in which I’m leaning over the brother, who’s just chillin’ in his little baby carriage:

Sister: Aww, you guys were so cute!

Me: Was that the time I tried to push your carriage off the front porch?

Brother: No, I think this was the part where you were trying to strangle me.

And this isn’t even counting the numerous “Mafia Men” photos of our dad and uncles from the ’70s, standing perfectly posed with arms akimbo and faces set in practiced boredom, looking all slick in their flares, huge sunglasses, drooping mustaches, and carefully maintained just-so hairdos. Whoa, the daddy-o was lookin’ all retro back in the day. Man, I wish I had some flares like that.

Okay. Need to put the candy bars to good use, and get started on the work.

If you tell me that I can’t/I will, I will, I’ll try all night

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