it’s all love (sometimes not, but mostly yes) […

it’s all love (sometimes not, but mostly yes)

[Phone coversation, this morning:]

D: Hey, rebel child.

Me: Hey, nerd. Where you at?

D: On campus. You here, too?

Me: Aww, damn.

D: Why, what’s up?

Me: I’m studying in the library and it’s hella cold up in here. I was hoping you could bring me a sweater or light jacket of yours from home.

D: Stop worrying about the cold. Block it out and study. Use your mental powers. Remember all those concentration techniques we learned in HDE 103?

Me: Well, excuse me for not having great powers of concentration like you.

D: Hey, don’t try to get all sarcastic with me. I’ll kick your ass.

Me: Shut up, I’m more violent than you are. And why are you even the first person I thought of calling? You’re no use to me.

D: Well, it’s not like you’re any good either. Except you understand physics, and you can parallel park. Oh, yeah, and you cook, too.

Me: Ha, well it’s more than you’ll ever do, freak of nature.

D: I don’t even eat chicken. So who cares anyway.

[40 minutes later, in my car:]

Me: Leave my radio alone, woman. There’s a CD in there, see?

D: Ohh. I thought that was on the radio. Who are these people? And how do I find the hip-hop station on here?

Me: That’s the Goo Goo Dolls. And there is no hip-hop station.

D: How can you not have a hip-hop station? Geez.

Me: You know, I have twelve pre-set FM stations on there, okay? So pick one of them. None of them is hip-hop, though.

D: You don’t even listen to the same music as me. What kind of friend are you?

Me: Shut up and get over it.

D: You really are missing out, you know.


D: ::grumble grumble grumble::

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