what is this dude on? What the heck kind of pr…

what is this dude on?

What the heck kind of professor gives his class a handout with the following reading assignment? –

– Skip from the bottom of page 74 to the middle of page 78, from the middle of 89 through the top of 90, and from the bottom of 104 to the middle of 111.

– Page 98, middle: Skip from here to page 103, top.

– Page 84, end of first paragraph: Cross out “…also known…4 and 5…”

– Page 85, Figure 3.5: Cross out two vertical lines above the “O” in the upper left.

– Page 91: third paragraph

– Page 95: first new paragraph

– p.s. Part of the third quote on page 34 is very weird!

Personally, I don’t think this guy even has any real inkling of what constitutes “weird.” (I, on the other hand, as we have all established by now, am a walking example of weirdness. Weirdness exemplified, that’s me.)

Oh, and the abbreviation for this course is PSC 130. It’s been three weeks since the beginning of the quarter, but everytime I look at my schedule, I wonder what I was thinking when I registered for a political science course. Then I go to class and remember that PSC = psychology.

Yes, I am a genius.

I know it.

[Speaking of geniuses, someone should have reminded me that today was Columbus Day – and that Columbus Day is an “observed” holiday. I wasted forty miles worth of gas on pointless errands to and from the bank and post office, which were conveniently closed for the day. Grand. Columbus, Sholumbus. Who cares, anyway?]

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