at this rate, who needs the gym anyway? For onc…

at this rate, who needs the gym anyway?

For once, just once, I’d like to go to the College of Letters & Science office without them sending me all the way across campus to the Division of Biological Sciences instead. They always, always, do this to me. And my legs hurt now, man.

You know what I need? One of those little golf carts. That way, I could just zip across campus and back. It’d look exactly like that mini-cart we saw on one of our halaqa trips. I gotta scan the photo and post it for y’all. It’s hilarious. But, yes, a golf cart would be wonderful. Maybe I’d even get a discount on parking permit rates. And while other students hastily park and lock their bikes and race the rest of the way to class, I’d just zoom right up to the front entrance of my building, park, and lazily wander in. It’d be great, yo.

[Update: The infamous go-cart (or whatever it’s called.) It belonged to a state park ranger. This was even cooler and more hilarious than the sign warning: “Do not climb bridge.” You know you want one, too. You see the cookie tin over on the front seat?]

My new favorite places to study this quarter:

1. School of Medicine library

2. School of Medicine cafe

3. Benches in the University arboretum, behind the School of Law. (And there’s a duck pond there!)

I like to think of it as being productive and actually getting my work done instead of sleeping on the comfy chairs in the main library. My dad, on the other hand, calls it undercover research into my supposedly vested interest in medicine and law. He’s still stuck on this idea of me going into law.

Watching the med students is fun, though. Scrubs look way cool, too. Too bad that’s not nearly enough incentive for me to remain pre-med.

And in other news, I have discovered that there actually is exactly one person in the whole entire world who is quite capable of successfully giving me guilt trips.

Dammit, Somayya.

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