one more day til d-day Wish you all lived in th…

one more day til d-day

Wish you all lived in the Bay.

Website’s still pretty rough, but at this point I don’t think it really matters. Read the bios. Interesting stuff.

Did I realize the overwhelming amount of work this was going to be when I agreed, months back, to help organize this? I don’t think so. But alhamdulillah, I’m flattered I got to help out, and it’s been rewarding so far, despite the constant stress. Seher, you have my massive respect for pulling this off last year, woman. And I owe you emails. Good Lord, I owe everyone and their momma emails. Starting next week, insha’Allah.

Please make du’a for us, that we pull this off with the best of intentions, that all we do is for the sake of Allah swt, that we fulfull our goals for this event, insha’Allah. May Allah bless us all with knowledge of the deen, purify our intentions, and guide us in all actions, so that everything we do is for Him alone. Ameen.

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