even red bull can’t make me do this I paused be…

even red bull can’t make me do this

I paused before making a right turn on a red light this morning, giving the right-of-way to a young guy who was bobbing his head in time to whatever was blasting out of his Queen-Amidala’s-hairdo-sized headphones.

He acknowledged me with a brief wave of thanks as he crossed through the intersection, then went back to enthusiastically playing his imaginary drums. While riding his bicycle. Hands-free.

I couldn’t help but grin at his retreating back as he continued down the street. And I’m so jealous. Not only do I lack the balance and coordination I’m assuming is required for riding a bike hands-free, but I’ve also never possessed that amount of hyperactivity so early in the morning. Especially not when I’m running on only two hours of sleep, as I am right now.

So I just went and bought myself four candy bars. Let’s see if this’ll do the trick.

Yes, I’m a girl without restraint; what can I say.

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