To anyone with access to the children’s section of your local public library

Anyone with access to the children’s section of your local public library…go find and read The Quiltmaker’s Gift by Jeff Brumbeau and Gail de Marcken. GORGEOUS illustrations and a beautiful storyline! Basically, it’s about a generous quiltmaker who sews the most beautiful quilts in the world, and then gives them away to those who are poor or homeless. And there’s a powerful and greedy king whose castle is literally stuffed to the brim with treasures, but who has never been happy enough to feel the joy of smiling. When he hears of the magical quiltmaker, he hurries to her and demands she present him with a quilt, hoping that her gift will finally make him smile. She refuses point-blank, reminding him that her gifts are only for those who are poor and needy. Finally though, she strikes a deal with the king…for every gift he gives away from his castle and storehouses, she will add another piece to a quilt for him. When at last all his posession are gone, his quilt will be finished. The king hems and haws, of course, but finally gives in. Going out into the world, the king finds those who may be in need of his gifts. “Morning, noon, and night…for years and years…the king slowly emptied his wagons, trading his treasures for smiles around the world.” Finally then, the king’s treasures are all gone, and the quiltmaker goes in search of him…

This is the passage i found so beautiful:

After a long search, she finally found him. The king’s royal clothes were now in tatters and his toes poked out of his boots. Yet his eyes glittered with joy and his laugh was wonderful and thunderous.

The quiltmaker unfolded the king’s quilt from her bag. It was so beautiful that hummingbirds and butterflies fluttered about. Standing on tiptoe, she tenderly wrapped it around him.

“What’s this?” cried the king.

“As I promised you long ago,” the woman said, “when the day came that you, yourself, were poor, only then would I give you a quilt.” The king’s great sunny laugh made green apples fall and flowers turn his way.

“But I am not poor,” he said. “I may look poor, but in truth my heart is full to bursting, filled with the memories of all the happiness I’ve given and received. I’m the richest man I know.”

“Nevertheless,” the quiltmaker said, “I made this quilt just for you.”

“Thank you,” replied the king. “I’ll take it, but only if you’ll accept a gift from me. There is one last treasure I have left to give away. All these years, I’ve saved it just for you.” And from his rickety, rundown wagon the king brought out his throne.

“It’s really quite comfortable,” the king said. “And just the thing for long days of sewing.”

Masha’Allah! There’s a couple more pages, but that’s ok. I just wanted y’all to read this part. :)

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